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Title Type Presenter Time Updated
Annual Golf & Tennis Classic Friday 7:00–2:00pm
Registration Open Friday 7:30–5:00pm
Exhibitor move-in Friday 8:00–5:00pm
AMC Section Council Meeting Friday 1:00–4:30pm
ASAE Foundation's Silent Auction Saturday 7:00–7:00pm
Bookstore open Saturday 7:00–7:00pm
Registration Open Saturday 7:00–7:00pm
AMC Community Conference Saturday 7:30–5:00pm
AMC Community Conference Established Track Saturday 7:30–5:00pm 8/6/2012
Dallas Welcome & Restaurant Desks Saturday 8:00–5:00pm
Exhibitor move-in Saturday 8:00–5:00pm
Meetings & Expo Section Council Saturday 8:30–12:00pm
Association Societies Alliance Meeting Saturday 9:00–4:00pm
CEO Symposium for Texas Associations Saturday 9:00–5:00pm 8/7/2012
Career Advancement Center open Saturday 10:00–5:30pm
Small Staff Association Committee Meeting Saturday 11:00–4:00pm
Community Connection Activities (North Texas Food Bank) - Saturday, August. 11 Saturday 11:30–4:00pm 8/7/2012
Press Room open Saturday 12:00–5:00pm
Research Committee Meeting Saturday 12:00–4:00pm
Exhibitor briefing Saturday 12:30–2:00pm
Council, Committee and Task Force meetings Saturday 1:00–4:00pm
Speaker Ready Room open Saturday 1:30–5:30pm
ASAE Foundation Development Committee Meeting Saturday 2:00–3:00pm
Volunteer Leadership Reception (invitation only) Saturday 4:00–5:00pm
AMC Community Conference Reception Saturday 5:30–6:30pm
Opening Night Celebration Saturday 7:30–10:30pm
5K Fun Run/Walk Sunday 6:00–7:15am
ASAE Foundation Silent Auction Sunday 7:00–5:00pm
Bookstore open Sunday 7:00–5:00pm
CAE Lounge open Sunday 7:00–4:30pm
Career Advancement Center open Sunday 7:00–6:00pm
CEO Network Center open Sunday 7:00–4:30pm
Dallas Welcome & Restaurant Desks Sunday 7:00–5:00pm
DELP Breakfast (invitation only) Sunday 7:00–8:15am
International Lounge open Sunday 7:00–4:30pm
Registration Open Sunday 7:00–5:00pm
Small Staff Lounge open Sunday 7:00–4:30pm
Speaker Ready Room open Sunday 7:00–5:00pm
Global Good Morning! International Meet & Greet Sunday 7:15–8:15am
Business Connection Lounge open Sunday 7:30–10:00am
Online Communications & Engagement Lounge open Sunday 7:30–10:00am
Press Room open Sunday 8:00–5:00pm
AMC Community Conference Building/Emerging Track Sunday 8:30–5:00pm 8/7/2012
DELP Lounge open Sunday 8:30–4:30pm
Opening General Session: The Political Landscape of Today and Tomorrow - Hall E Michelle Bernard; James Carville; Karl Rove Sunday 8:30–10:00am 8/14/2012
Association Solutions Marketplace (Expo) Sunday 10:00–1:30pm
Innovation Exchange Forum Sunday 12:00–4:30pm
Business Connection Lounge open Sunday 1:30–4:30pm
Business of Meetings: The Strategic Impact of Digital Events on Meetings Tammy Blosil; Chris Brown; Michael Doyle; Tony Lorenz Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Conversation that Matters: Best Practices in Association Foundation Fundraising David Coyne; Stephen Peeler Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Conversation that Matters: How Online Community is Changing the Way We Work Lindy Dreyer Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Conversation that Matters: Rebuilding Our Volunteer Spirit Pamela Green; Peggy Hoffman; Lynda Patterson Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
Deep Dive: Everything Mobile Reggie Henry Sunday 1:30–4:30pm 8/20/2012
E-Governance: Streamline the Work of Your Association Board Scott Joyner; Dottie Schindlinger; Heather Starks Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Global Perspectives--Asia-Pacific Sabrina Chan; Jae-kil Choi; Lemmietta McNeilly; John Peacock; Evelyn Salire Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
Going Global--Do's, Don'ts, and Do-Overs Bruce Aldrich; Dick Blatt; Robert Chalker; Mark Rubin Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/4/2012
Half-Day Workshop: Making Innovation Happen: An Executive Learning Experience for Association CEOs Jeff De Cagna Sunday 1:30–5:30pm 8/16/2012
Key Marketing Tips in the Age of Social Media: Sharing Solutions & Solving Problems Steve Drake; Russ Lemieux; Greg Schultz; Jeanne Sheehy; Betsy Wintringer Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Mobile Playground: Working Smarter with Mobile (for CEOs) Steven Echard; Jeffrey Horn Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Online Communications & Engagement Lounge open Sunday 1:30–4:30pm
Parasites or Prophets? Competition from Your Own Members Chris Mahaffey; David Martin Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
Redesigning Staff Teams to Get Stuff Done Right Debra BenAvram; Matthew D'Uva Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Speed Dating with Mr. Association Law: Get the Gist in Practically No Time at All! Jerry Jacobs Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Story Slam / Coaching Jam Doug Stevenson Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
The SMALL STAFF Executive Dilemma: Critical Finance and HR Issues Michael Gellman; Wendy Luke; Tanya Tolpegin Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Under the Membership Tent: Executive Session Andrew Goldschmidt; Laurie Kulikosky; Amy Lestition Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/14/2012
Video as an Educational and Communication Tool John Cox; Jeff Ghannam; David Welch Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
We are the 1%: A Frank Conversation on Diversity Pat Blake; Elizabeth Engel; Greg Fine; Kevin Lynch; Pat Natale Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Will They Belong? Converting Joiners to Loyalists Marc Beebe; Elena Gerstmann Sunday 1:30–2:45pm 8/12/2012
Innovation Lounge: Do You Have a Winnovative Idea? Sam Horn Sunday 2:15–2:45pm 8/4/2012
Business of Meetings: Choose Your Own Adventure: Creating a Customized Conference Experience Sonnia Montemayor; Steven Stout Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Chapter in a Box: A Guide to Localize Member Programs Mike Levin Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Conversation that Matters: Critical Issues Affecting Healthcare Associations Kristin Hellquist Cunningham; Rick Johnston Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Conversation that Matters: Tips for Avoiding Burnout Jessica Hartung Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Create the Best Place to Work Phillip Jones; Bob Skelton; Robert Waller Jr.; Crystal Williams Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Develop an Advocacy Council to Grow Your GR Resources Ted Mowatt; Gabrielle Sedor Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Forearmed, Forewarned! Project Manager Conflict Resolution Rebecca Achurch; Loretta DeLuca; Gretchen Steenstra Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Global Perspectives--Europe Adam Cooke; Leonard Engel; Filip Geerts; Melissa Schultea Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/6/2012
Grow Revenue through a Successful Partnership Program Stacey Goldberg; Jennifer Infantino; Eron Jacobson Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/14/2012
Increase Member Engagement through Technology Heather McNair; Laura Woodruff Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Innovation Lounge: The Thinkubator Sam Horn Sunday 3:15–4:15pm 8/4/2012
Mobile Playground: Tips and Tricks from Association Mobile Warriors Sandra Giarde; KiKi L'Italien; Renato Sogueco Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Roundtable Discussion for Meetings Professionals Lalia Rach Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/6/2012
Shades of Gray: Crucial Conversations Around Ethical Quandaries Joan Eisenstodt; Jonathan May; Michele Warholic Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Small Boards/Large Boards - Does Size Matter? An Oxford Debate Nancy Green; Paul Markowski; Elissa Myers; Susan Neely; Scott Steen; Glenn Tecker; Ann Turner Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
SMALL STAFF: Don't Forget the Home Front! Legal Issues on the State and Local Level Michael Butera; Eileen Johnson; Ann Loew Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
Social Responsibility for Profit: Improve the World and Make Money Andrew Greenblatt Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/6/2012
The Future of Tradeshows Rohit Verma Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/12/2012
The Science Behind Member Loyalty Dave Carrithers; Mike Spellecy; Giulietta Versiglia; Ron Worth Sunday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Community Section Receptions-Healthcare Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-Finance & Business Operations Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-International Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-Marketing & Communications Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-Membership Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-Professional Development Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-Small Staff Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Community Section Receptions-Young Association Executives Sunday 5:00–6:00pm
Diversity + Inclusion Reception Sunday 9:00–10:30pm
ASAE Foundation’s Silent Auction Monday 7:00–5:00pm
Awards & Recognition Breakfast Monday 7:00–8:30am
Bag & Item Check Monday 7:00–5:00pm
Bookstore open Monday 7:00–5:00pm
CAE Lounge open Monday 7:00–4:30pm
Career Advancement Center Monday 7:00–4:30am
CEO Network Center open Monday 7:00–4:30pm
Dallas Welcome & Restaurant Desks Monday 7:00–5:00pm
DELP Lounge open Monday 7:00–4:30pm
Innovation Exchange Forum Monday 7:00–4:30pm
International Lounge open Monday 7:00–4:30pm
Registration Open Monday 7:00–5:00pm
Small Staff Lounge open Monday 7:00–4:30pm
Speaker Ready Room open Monday 7:00–5:00pm
Business Connection Lounge open Monday 7:30–10:00am
Online Communications & Engagement Lounge open Monday 7:30–10:00am
Press Room open Monday 8:00–5:00pm
Blah Blah Blah: Forget the Ordinary and Learn to Write Marketing Copy that Gets Response Terri Langhans Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/18/2012
Build Your GR Programs by Capitalizing on Campaigns Michelle King; Stephen Scurlock; Stephanie Vance Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Business of Meetings: The Art of Contracting in an Improving Market Jonathan Howe; Dave Scypinski Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Conversation that Matters: Strong Associations of the Future Bob Harris; Russell Salzman Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Conversation that Matters: Systems Thinking for our Volunteer Models Robert Barnes; Jamie Notter Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Environmental Scanning for Associations Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Extreme Makeover: Association Edition Erin Fuller Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/21/2012
Game Changer Session: Creating an Age of Abundance Peter Diamandis Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Hot Topics in Antitrust Law Hugh Webster; Jim Wilson Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
I Quit; You're Fired: Planning for Executive Successions and Transitions Jackie Eder-Van Hook; Robert Van Hook Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/6/2012
Jagger, Madonna, Beyonce and Beiber: Setting the Stage for Each Generation to Shine Mary Lynn Fayoumi; Debra Zabloudil Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/6/2012
Media Training 101 Chris Lyons Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Mentoring Members 3.0 Christine Smith; Dennis Stork Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Mobile Playground: There's an App for That Linda Chreno; Carlos Shaw Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Project Runway: Are Your Leadership Practices Cutting-Edge, In, Classic, or So Last Year? Rhea Blanken; Ann Oliveri Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Sustaining Strategic Focus with a Practical Approach Joel Albizo; Jim Penrod Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
The Greatest Show on Earth: Thriving as a SMALL STAFF Executive Laura Brandon; Dennis Gano; James Hieb; Lydia Middleton Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Under the Hood: "Car Talk" Takes on Association Publishing Wendy Mann; Maggie McGary; Andrew Moore; Gary Rubin; Debra Stratton Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
When You are Not the Chair: Tips to Motivate and Manage Volunteers Oleathia Gadsden; Wanda Little-Coffey; Mariah Nelson; Eric Peterson Monday 8:45–10:00am 8/13/2012
Association Solutions Marketplace (Expo) Monday 10:00–1:30pm
Press Conference Monday 11:30–12:30pm
21st Century Pricing: How to Price Dues, Programs, and Products Sheri Jacobs Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Benchmarking and Assessment: Compensation, Operations, and Governance Mark Engle; Rosemary Tenuta; Vernetta Walker Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
Breakthrough Team Building: Turning Work into Play Matt Weinstein Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Business Connection Lounge open Monday 1:30–4:30pm
Business of Meetings: From Zero to Sixty: Overhaul Your Annual Meeting With Innovative Event Design Bob Hughes; Michele Morgan; Maneesha Sharma Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Case Study on Organizational Transformation Greg Balestrero; Elizabeth Lincoln; Paul Pomerantz Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
Conversation that Matters: Designing Effective Governance Models Michael Gallery Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Conversation that Matters: Today's Top Technology Trends Reggie Henry Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/20/2012
Decision 2012 and the Implications for Healthcare Associations Patrick Cooney; Jim Kaufman; Justin Moore Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Deep Dive: Business of Meetings: Social Gaming for Events Midori Connolly; Jessica Levin Monday 1:30–4:30pm 8/6/2012
Deep Dive: Leadership and the Balance of Power -- A Forum for Deputy Directors Patricia Areno; Deborah Bowen; Henry Chamberlain; Thomas Dolan Monday 1:30–4:30pm 8/6/2012
Game Changer Session: The Keys to Personal Financial Happiness Jean Chatzky Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Ignite Adele Cehrs; Tobin Conley; Valerie Fries-Wade; David Jennings; "DJ" (David) Johnson; Janyne Peek Emsick; Bana Qashu; Stefanie Reeves; Cecilia Satovich; Gretchen Steenstra; Paul Wehking Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/15/2012
Innovation Lounge: So You Think You Can... Think? Sam Horn Monday 1:30–2:30pm 8/4/2012
Killer Culture or Culture Killer? Pegotty Cooper; Denise Fandel Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
Mobile Bootcamp: A Cram Session on Practical Mobile Strategies for Associations Michael Jones; John Mills Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Online Communications & Engagement Lounge open Monday 1:30–4:30pm
Silos Are For Farms: Integrating Your Organization's Content to Increase Member Learning, Value, and Success Tony Ellis; Bob Moore Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
SMALL STAFF: From the Tractor to Twitter: Content Strategies from the World of Agriculture Becky Rasmussen; Hugh Whaley Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
The Generation Gap: Looking at Association Legal Issues Through Electronic Eyes Terrence Canela; Jeff Glassie; Peter Hutchins; Sara Wood Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/6/2012
The Hottest Tool in Member Retention: Content! Monica Bussolati Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/14/2012
The Situation Room: The Future of Membership Michelle Mason; Jodie Slaughter Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/13/2012
Using Brain Science So Education Sticks: Six Learning Principles That Trump Traditional Training Jeff Hurt Monday 1:30–2:45pm 8/15/2012
Exhibitor Town Hall Meeting Monday 2:00–3:15pm
Association Marketing is SOOOO Vanilla Jay Karen; Shelley Sanner Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/14/2012
Battle for Relevance--Learning from the Business World Brian Reuwee; Brian Riggs Monday 3:15–4:30pm 9/27/2012
Board Leadership 101 Alexis Terry; Richard Yep Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Bore No More! Craft Engaging Meetings Jon Petz Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Business of Meetings: What's Hot at Today's Shows Dave Fellers Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Collaborate, Innovate, and Accelerate Association Learning Kathleen Edwards; Marsha Rhea Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/14/2012
Conversation that Matters: The End of Membership as We Know It Sarah Sladek Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Conversation that Matters: What's New in Non-Dues Revenue? Kerry Stackpole Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/6/2012
Creating Social Strategy David Nour Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/14/2012
Creativity Gone Wild! Unleashing the Power of Innovation Summits Barry Barresi; Michael Feinson Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Delivering Now: Lessons from a National Industry Awareness Campaign Edith Bullard; Frances Reimers; Jessica Robinson Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/6/2012
Game Changer Session: The Power of Influence and the Art of Diplomacy Hattie Hill; Fritzi Woods Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/14/2012
Help Your Board Assess its Way to High Performance Les Wallace Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
How to be an Association Rainmaker Cedric Calhoun; David DuBois; Richard Harper; Thad Lurie; Joanne Rang Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Mastering the Puzzle of Global Association Management Communities Greta Kotler; Nikki Walker Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Mobile Playground: Hands-on iPad Training for the Power User Ronald M Moen; Kyle Vickers Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Outsourcing Association Management Services to Your Chapters and Components Rob Batarla; Sharon Kneebone Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
Show Appreciation to Your Staff Without Spending a Fortune Paul White Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
SMALL STAFF: Creating a Culture of Innovation: It's Not as Hard as You Think Brian Birch; Mark Sedgley Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/13/2012
When Legal Isn't Enough Susan Nicolais; Bill Scarborough; Mark Smith Monday 3:15–4:30pm 8/6/2012
ASAE Foundation's: The Classic VIP Reception Monday 5:30–8:30pm
ASAE Foundation's: The Classic Monday 7:00–10:00pm
ASAE Foundation’s Silent Auction Tuesday 7:00–11:15am
Bag & Item Check Tuesday 7:00–3:00pm
Bookstore open Tuesday 7:00–3:00pm
Career Advancement Center Tuesday 7:00–12:00pm
Dallas Welcome & Restaurant Desks Tuesday 7:00–3:00pm
Green Safari for Meeting Planners Tuesday 7:00–8:30am 8/4/2012
Registration Open Tuesday 7:00–3:00pm
Business Connection Lounge open Tuesday 7:15–3:30pm
Global Good Morning! International Meet & Greet Tuesday 7:15–8:15am
CAE Lounge open Tuesday 7:30–3:30pm
CEO Network Center open Tuesday 7:30–3:30pm
DELP Lounge open Tuesday 7:30–3:30pm
International Lounge open Tuesday 7:30–3:30pm
Online Communications & Engagement Lounge open Tuesday 7:30–3:30pm
Small Staff Lounge open Tuesday 7:30–3:30pm
Press Room open Tuesday 8:00–12:00pm
Speaker Ready Room open Tuesday 8:00–11:00am
A Leadership Program that Works Bill Burns; Kathryn Lebby Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/15/2012
Angry Birds in Your Workplace? Learn How Versatility Helps Smooth Ruffled Feathers Francie Dalton; Kate Hawker Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
Business of Meetings: Five Important Considerations for Negotiating Your Convention Jerry Cito; Christine Shimasaki; Zita Steglich-Ross Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating With Members on Multiple Platforms Alex Mouw; Al Spada; Terri Tracey Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/16/2012
Conversation that Matters: Top Issues Facing Association CFOs Nat Bartholomew; John Dripps Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/6/2012
Conversation that Matters: What's Keeping You Up at Night? (For CEOs of mid-to-large associations) John Barnes Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
Create an Interactive Virtual Training Program for Your Chapter Leadership Darlene Lebron Lopez; Cindy Tiritilli Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/21/2012
Creating and Selling E-books--Today! Scott Kubista-Hovis Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
Earning the CAE: Your Path to Success in Association Management Shawn Boynes; Lori Frison; Sal Martino Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
From Insight to Inspiration: One Association's Story of Creating Innovation Capacity Mark Nelson Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/20/2012
Government Relations as a Key to Global Market Expansion Carlos Fulcher; Alfons Westgeest Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/6/2012
How Relevance is Transforming the Direct Marketing Strategy of Associations Toni Schottenhammer Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/15/2012
Innovation Exchange Forum Tuesday 9:00–12:00pm
Mobile Playground: Hands-on iPad Training for the New User Cecilia Satovich; Rene Shonerd; Craig Sorrell; Ashley Sullivan Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 11/2/2012
Playing the Numbers: What Does Scoring Member Engagement Really Tell Us? Nina Goldman; Ben Martin; Thomas Nordby Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
Reimagine Signature Events to Empower Self-directed Learners Cynthia D'Amour; Aaron Wolowiec Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
SMALL STAFF: Creative Collaboration: Working and Playing Well With Others Tim Sharp Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
The Path Toward Becoming a "Social Organization" Valerie Fries-Wade; Robb Lee; Greg Melia; Nathan Victoria Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/15/2012
Wisdom While You Walk Susanne Bowman Tuesday 9:00–10:15am 8/14/2012
Advanced Social CRM: Avoid Social Data Silos David DeLorenzo; Patrick Dorsey Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 9/6/2012
Business of Meetings: Meetings Management Amid Catastrophe Wanda Carroll; Amy Doherty; Kay Granath; Bob Mellinger Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/6/2012
Conversation that Matters: What We're Learning From What We're Reading Kristin Clarke; Gary LaBranche; J. Clarke Price Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Do Women Leaders have an EDGE? Laurie Cooke Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/17/2012
Global Perspectives--Lessons From Study Mission to Europe Gabriel Eckert; Randy Lindner; Peter O'Neil; Heather Phelps Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/6/2012
Hospitality and Association Technology Industry Trends Grace Jan; Tom Lehman Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Less is More: Successfully Evaluating Your Programs and Services Mary Byers Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/18/2012
Pop Culture Connection Shelly Alcorn Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/15/2012
SMALL STAFF: Mobile Playground: iPad Apps for the Smaller Association: You can do it! Gary Distelhorst; Garen Distelhorst Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Supporting Membership Goal Achievement through Credentialing Programs Mary Tschirhart Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Taking Measure: Global Indicators as Market Strength Assessment Tools Richard O'Sullivan Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/6/2012
The Joy of the Contrary Member: A Debate Ed Rigsbee; Stacy Tetschner Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Today, Tomorrow & Beyond: Changing Demographics in America Kelly McDonald Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Tricks of the Job Hunting Trade: From Resume to Offer Letter Anne Marie Albertine; Wendy Pangburn; Jim Zaniello Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Upgrade to Free: 50-Plus Free and Bargain Tech Tools and Apps to Make Your Worklife Easier Beth Ziesenis Tuesday 10:45–12:00pm 8/14/2012
Closing General Session: The Moving Business: The Tender Art and Surprising Science of Convincing, Compelling, and Cajoling Others Dan Pink Tuesday 12:15–2:00pm 8/14/2012
Community Connection Activities (North Texas Food Bank) - Tuesday, August. 14 Tuesday 2:30–5:30pm 8/7/2012
Community Connections at North Texas Food Bank Tuesday 2:30–5:30pm
Dallas Double Take Tours Tuesday 2:30–5:30pm
Closing Night Celebration Tuesday 7:00–10:00pm