Deep Dive: Everything Mobile

Presenter: Reggie Henry
Sunday August 12, 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Room: C147
Hashtag: #asae12 LH1
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While the internet connects your members to you 24/7, mobile means you're constantly within arm's reach. The mobile explosion brings an increased need for focused communications, different content paradigms, and increased desire for interactivity due to mobile's close relationship with social media. In this session, an overview of the current mobile landscape will be provided. You'll dive deep into the implications of both the current landscape and the future trends on associations, and how you can deliver value to your members. This session is designed to explore the topic together, so it will be discussion and exercise intensive. While there will be tips and ideas generated, they will likely emerge through your conversation. Topics will include: what's required to think mobile first, apps vs. mobile websites, leveraging location-based services, and much more.
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