Game Changer Session: The Keys to Personal Financial Happiness

Presenter: Jean Chatzky
Monday August 13, 1:30 – 2:45 pm
Room: Ballroom D3 East Fork
Hashtag: #asae12 LC5
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Millions of Americans have turned to Jean Chatzky for financial advice, thanks to her weekly appearances on NBC's Today and her column in Money magazine.  In this session Jean will share the results of a unique survey in which she questioned 1,500 Americans about their financial attitudes and behaviors. She looks at how much money people actually do need to guarantee a happy, comfortable life. And gets down to the nitty-gritty, isolating behaviors that—if adopted—can significantly improve a life.  The results are remarkable. Chatzky found that while a certain amount of money buys comfort, money can't make you happy—at least not in the way most people believe it can. But it can make you miserable, if you're managing it wrong. That's why it's time to make a change. In her frank, engaging style, Chatzky explains how to "own your money" to create a happy and comfortable life. She outlines the financial habits of happy people and shows how anyone can be a part of this group, no matter what they earn. Filled with fresh insights and real-life examples, Chatzky reaffirms that finances don't have to be a source of stress and that living within your means can be extremely rewarding. Starting her career in 1986 at Working Woman, Chatzky rose from editorial assistant to assistant editor. In 1989 she left journalism and joined the equity research department of Dean Witter Reynolds, returning to journalism two years later as a reporter/researcher at Forbes. She then spent nearly 2 decades reporting on personal finance for Smart Money, Money magazine and now a variety of magazines and websites including Men's and Women's Health and USA Weekend.  She blogs regularly on  Please visit her there to sign up for her free weekly email newsletter and follow her on Twitter @JeanChatzky. Jean Chatzy is brought to you by the Principal Financial Group®, provider of the ASAE-Endorsed employee retirement program.
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