Delivering Now: Lessons from a National Industry Awareness Campaign

Presenters: Edith Bullard; Frances Reimers; Jessica Robinson
Monday August 13, 3:15 – 4:30 pm
Room: Hall D
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Is your industry in need of an awareness boost among the public or policymakers? Increasingly, associations are charged with spearheading industry awareness and outreach campaigns. They must develop new skills in fundraising, market research, media production, and cooperative advertising. Learn how one national association worked with its members to fund and implement a successful multi-year, multimillion-dollar awareness campaign that placed their industry at top of mind with policymakers and consumers across the country. From concept, to fundraising, to focus group testing, to production, to placement, this case study session will detail the process that was taken and the communications and marketing outputs that resulted from this very successful initiative.
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